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Fruity Cocktails
Turkish Meze and cocktail Bar

At Lal that simple word 'welcome' is much more than a greeting; it is our heartbeat. Steeped in the Turkish origins of owner Beyhan, whose cultural heritage says that guests should always receive the best from the moment they step across our threshold, it is our goal to ensure that they enjoy every last detail of their visit.
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Pizzas and Cocktails


Inspired by flavours of the Mediterranean! Using fresh seasonal produce, with ingredients native to different areas of the Med, our menu has been designed to take your tastebuds on a voyage of discovery. To drink, Lal's specialities is cocktails.. Having studied at The International Bartender Course in London, we have created a cocktail menu that echoes our Mediterranean theme, with spirits and flavours from a swathe of countries. Offering personalised advice, we can create cocktails and virgin cocktails to suit all tastes, to accompany particular foods and to slip down perfectly at particular times of the day. From a lighter, longer drink at lunchtime to a rich brandy-based brew for after dinner, we even offer pudding cocktails. Too full to eat a morsel more but craving a sweet finale? Simply sit back and sip your chocolate fudge cake!

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What’s in a name?

What does Lal mean? A popular Turkish rose wine today, the word dates back to the Ottoman Empire and means ‘Red Gem Stone’ or, romantically, ‘lovers lips’. With connotations of treasure and passion, it was the perfect name: we fervently desire to serve superb food and drink and to create an authentic experience for our guests.

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